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Can A Fat Loss Diet Make You Fat?

lose-weightWhen you cut calories in an effort to lose some weight, your body may not act the way you think it should. You have probably heard the old saying, burn more calories than you eat. Simple enough right?

What do most people do? The answer seems obvious. Eat very little food and the weight will fall off. If you think this is true, you’re in for a surprise. Below is a summary of an article I read named, “How Your Fat-Loss Diet Could Be Making You Fat” on Bodybuilding.com. I found the article interesting because it was completely different than advice personal trainers in every gym across America will give. Check it out below.

You are probably thinking, I’ll just speed up the metabolism and I’ll start melting fat. Most people will agree with you. The problem with this line of thinking is that our metabolisms Do Not act the same. Think of your body as a following a historical map. It is use to an average number of calories, sleep habits, workout routine. Make a drastic change in calories and the body may adjust making losing the weight a little harder to do. The first couple of pounds will not to be difficult to lose but the other can be harder to shed.

There has to be good news here somewhere right? People around you have lost weight, it’s not hopeless. So what is really going on?

Don’t Get Tricked Into Over Eating

As your body starts adjusting, with the lower calorie intake and more activity, it will become more efficient. Since your fat cells shrink, a hormone called leptin is released which tells the brain that you are full at a faster rate than you are used to. This effect however, backfires after the levels drops too low. If the levels are too low, you don’t get the feeling of being full so you start to overeat. You see how this can go wrong?

Well, if you don’t get the full feeling and you overeat, your body can actually increase the number of new fat cells! That’s a problem!

What has been effective is the strategy of eating smaller meals combined with high intensity training. Unfortunately, the slow aerobic workouts won’t cut it here. Most diets will tell you believe you can have a weekend off of the so called dieting. If you follow this advice, you will gain all the weight you lost back. You see, the body wants to back to its weight it thinks it should be at.

Forget The Low Calorie Diet Fad

Forget about the extremely low calorie diets, people find them really difficult to stick to. So what’s the best strategy keeping the weight off long term? This involves you slowly reduce the number of calories over time; let’s say 8-12 weeks. Let your body ease into the lower calories. Then, when you plateau and your calories may be too low, you slowly and gradually add carbs back into the eating plan to get the furnace burning again.

During this process, you can take advantage of one or two cheat meals during the week. These meals are not meant to be binging sessions. They will help you cope mentally with the adjustment of the calories you take in.

You see, there’s no one-size-fits-all dieting plan. It all depends on your goal. If you need to drop weight very quickly, that dieting plan is not going to be optimal. If you’re looking for a dieting system where you can take your body and turn it into a fat burning furnace, you should check out
Fat Loss Factor Reviews. It’s one of the better methods I know to get lean and mean in a short amount of time.


Top Fat Loss Factor Review – Start Melting Off The Fat

Do You Want To Lose 2 Inches Off Your Waist Right Now?

There are many dieting plans that just don’t work. They promise the world but fail to deliver you the results you want. Don’t pay too much attention to fitness magazines. Most of the are owned by supplement companies. You want to learn how to burn fat fast, take a look at this Fat Loss Factor review.

Listen, this program has been designed from the ground up for one reason. To help you shed the pounds off fast!

Are you trying to fit into that dress for a class reunion? Or maybe you want to go out and feel sexy in the clothes you wear when you go out on the night of the town. Regardless of your reason, your goal is the same. You want to look hot!

You want the opposite sex to find you irresistible. I get that. I want that too. What held me back for a while was carrying around about 20 extra pounds. I just didn’t look right in the clothes I was wearing. My problem was I didn’t want to go crazy with long workouts either.

If this is you, then take a look at this weight loss system now. It’s not a hard system to follow, although you will have to modify your eating habits for a little while.



So what exactly is included in this program?

The Fat Loss Factor program was created by chiropractor and certified advanced nutritionist, Charles Livingston. There is ebooks, videos, software, step-by-step guides, and even email coaching.

The ebook is an easy read. No over complicated terms or theories to learn here. It’s pretty straight forward. There were some nice videos regarding the cooking with precise instructions. No guessing work here. The software containing the fast food information was great. I was able to look through it before I went out to eat. I was able to pick thing from within the software quickly and easily.

There are animated workout guides that can be viewed on your phone so you don’t have to worry about carrying clip boards around when you are working out.

The email coaching is one of those solid features because you will be able to send information about the workouts and get feedback directly from them. Email support can’t be discounted here. I’ve found email support to be an important component of any system.



You are going to be successful with losing weight if you dedicate a little time to making sure you are getting it done. Truthfully, a lot of it is mental! You gotta really want to lose weight. You can’t wish the weight away. I wish we could..Lol

The ebook goes into great depth why some foods are good for you and why some are bad. It’s easy to read and follow. The program itself is good for shedding off fat. I’ve looked around and by all accounts, the reviews are favorable.

Summer is just around the corner. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get toned and fit. You want people to look at you and say, Damn, that person looks good! I know you do. Get the Fat Loss Factor system now.


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