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If you are embarrassed by the way your body looks and you want to know how  to turn your body into a fat burning machine, keep reading because you are about to find out how to get 9 TIMES better results than those people slaving away countless hours on the treadmill. Not only is the Turbulence Training workout an effective way to burn off those extra pounds you’ve been carrying around, but it’s also one of the best ways to build muscle.

Benefits for women:

  • No flab around stomach and hips.
  • Lose excess fat without feeling pain in muscles and joints.
  • Achieve a lean model-like figure.
  • Get toned thighs and legs.
  • Wear all those figure hugging outfits like you always wanted.
  • Feel energized and healthy.
  • Look younger and retain youthful appearance.

Benefits for men:

  • Get washboard abs.
  • Lose tons of weight without looking skinny.
  • Get rid of the nasty fat in the body.
  • Tone your biceps and triceps.
  • Lose fat and gain muscle.
  • Live life healthier and happier.
  • Become everyone’s envy by looking younger.

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You will often see huge posters claiming cardio exercises can help you get the dream body you always wished for. The Internet too is bursting with ads that claim cardio workouts is the best exercise for weight loss that help to tone the body and shed off excess fat. However, it is nothing but a pack of lies that is backed up by false evidence. Find out the truth about fat loss workouts below. This is the official turbulence training review.

Myths about Cardio

  • Build muscular strength – Till date we have had the misconception that cardio workouts help us to lose weight and burn off the excess fat in the body. However, it is just the opposite, because research has proved that long cardio workouts trick the body into storing the fat and burn muscle instead. That is why you feel searing pain in your muscles and joints after workouts and the problem worsens as you continue doing those exercises.
  • It makes you look younger – Cardio is also responsible for making you age faster than normal. You tend to look tired and haggard at all times because your energy and vigor is literally being sucked out of your system.
  • Special diet required – When you are into cardio exercises, fitness instructors often structure your diet plan accordingly by reducing food intake drastically. This is not required at all, because your body doesn’t need to be deprived of food to feel good.

If you notice that cardio is not helping you right away, and you still want to keep at it, thinking that it might produce results in the future, it will certainly not happen! It is definitely not the best exercise. There are better weight loss programs for men and women. You’ll learn below how you can still do cardio without over-doing cardio. What is revealed here are the training secrets, sometimes called interval training.

How is cardio harming you?

Fat accumulates around belly, thighs, hips, and legs

Running on the treadmill for hours is not going to help you to get a lean physique or burn fat. The body gets all the wrong signals during such workouts. Intense cardio suppresses the production of T3 hormone, which is secreted by thyroid to burn fat. As a result of which, cardio is essentially training you to store the fat and not burn it. People practicing cardio also tend to feel stressed with increased anxiety as the stress hormone – cortisol, is produced in excess, which is related to heart disease, cancer and visceral belly fat. Your appetite gets a boost in an unhealthy way because you crave more food than usual and can’t control the hunger pangs – you end up gaining all those calories (maybe more) than you managed to successfully burn off.

Your heart, joints, and back is damaged

Cardio workouts send your heart into an overdrive and prolonged routines can lead to a heart attack. Our body is not meant for long and stressful cardio. Heart diseases are caused by inflammation and if you keep on doing cardio they will never heal. The joints experience more pressure than they can handle and the cartilage breaks down, so you feel immense pain in your knees, hips, ankles, feet and back.

You become old sooner than usual

As already mentioned, you will lose your youthful appearance and age faster than normal if you stick to cardio workouts. Cardio leads to oxidative damage and allows free radicals to flow through the body, which are responsible for fast aging. While you are performing these exercises, the radicals travel through the bloodstream and attack the cells. Your skin is damaged, which makes you look older than you actually are. Studies have shown that cardio has harmed facial tissues that causes the skin to become loose, wrinkled and sag with time.

The Cardio Workouts Program

So how would you like to try a program that just takes up 90 minutes of your time per week but helps you burn body fat and look amazing? It is not a miracle or some new fad. It is an intervals program. Find out why it is the best exercise for weight loss:

  • Research was conducted among two groups – one followed cardio and the other did the Turbulance exercise program. After just 8 weeks, the 2nd group was able to burn 200% more fat than those who opted to stick to cardio. The Turbulance group performed the exercises for just 20 minutes for 3 days a week, while the cardio group did exercises for twice that amount of time. Even after spending over 30 hours on the treadmill, the people doing cardio gained a pound of fat, while the TT group lost 6 times more weight.
  • Workouts involving this type of training help to burn more than 450% of the body fat as opposed to long and boring cardio. The exercises boost a special “Super Hormone” called the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that assists your body in burning the fat in much lesser time. Thus, a single workout session will help to burn 4 times more the fat.

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How is this Training Program beneficial?          

  • TT helps you get a life and live it in a relaxed way by spending quality time with loved ones after a hectic day at work. You get proper sleep and don’t have to starve yourself by reducing food intake. When you opt for TT you give a boost to your metabolism, which keeps you healthy and happy. No more going to the gym and working out for hours only to return home tired, frustrated, and completely drained of energy.

What is the afterburn effect?

  • The scientific term for the increase in fat burning after the workout is over is known as EPOC or afterburn effect. It works on the principle that with the right exercises, you can burn the excess fat even after the workout is over. Look at it from this way – you are basically coercing your body to cooperate by burning off the fat. In a 2006 study in the Journal of Applied Physiology, it has been proved that the TT exercises can boost fat burning by 36% after the exercise. Even while you are sleeping, attending a meeting, or watching TV at home, you are burning calories because of the afterburn effect.

This afterburn effect lasts for a very long time – 38 hours after the workout is over, so there is no need to perform these exercises on a daily basis because you are burning fat for more than a day and half. Your metabolism rate improves greatly, which ensures that the fat is melting away.

What Do You Need To Know?

  • The average cheap personal trainer charges roughly $50 – $100 per session. If you only had 1 session a week, you would pay about $2600 a year. That’s on the low end of the scale. Let’s say you only had a trainer for 90 days, that would be still be $600 for the training sessions plus the cost of gym membership. This Training program averages out to less than $1 per week. This is what it includes:
  • The TT 2.0 for Rapid Fat Loss comprising 24 Follow along Videos. You just have to devote 90 minutes per week.
  • The Training Exercise Guide that clearly tells you the correct methods for each exercise.
  • Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks Program with techniques for achieving a body like supermodels that makes heads turn with envy!
  • The Program Guide that guides you step by step as to what you should do to get the perfect  body.
  • The Nutrition Plan that allows you to eat your favorite foods and yet ensure that the right amount of fat   loss is happening. No need to follow complex diet charts.
  • The Thermo 30 Workout Plan that helps to burn fat instead of storing it by boosting your metabolism. All it requires is a few minutes of exercises per week.

You’ve made it this far! That means you are tired of being a slouch and you are ready to shed off those extra pounds.

You won’t need endless mind numbing hours in the gym. You just found out that it’s ineffective. Get started right now and get your new body!

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